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Welcome to the world of “Farming Simlator 17”!

Sorry,I am Japanese.

I cannot speak English well.

But I will do my best!

The following menu assumes that you have completed the tutorial.


Summary of symbol/mark


If you can’t use machine at tutorials well


What is front loader?


Important point of using Cultivators

How to make new farm field by using plows
How to restore the new fields you made by using plows

Sowing machine

About sowing machine

Purpose of seeding oilseeds


About Fertilizer(How to buy automatically)
Remove weeds
(Attention!) How to harvest the most

How to get sully or manure
What if we sprinkle sully or manure getting from cows?
How to sell sully or manure


Important point of using Harvesters


How to make sugar beets
How to create packed pallets of potatoes or sugar beet


How to make potatoes
How to create packed pallets of potatoes or sugar beet


How to make silage

Automatically selling silage


How to grow cows
How to make hay
How to make straw bales

How to grow pigs

How to grow sheep


How to cut woods and branches well
How to make wood chips
How to remove stumps

Various ways to sell wood chips

Green House

How to operate Green House


How to wash vehicle
How to add the amount of your silo

What is auger wagon?

How to use Conveyor belts

Gather crops

Purpose of driving trains

Where is coins?100 gold chunks

About MODS(Money Cheat Box)

How to get many money as soon as possible