How to use Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts

When you store crops on field, you might think tiresome what you restore its into a trailer.

So, you can use Conveyor belts at this game.

Conveyor belts can make it easier to restore crops into your trailer.

When you restore potatoes and sugar beets into a trailer, Conveyor belt is especially useful.

Conveyor belts can carry almost all of crops at this game.

S 710

You can drive this “S 710”.

Please move “S 710” near crops that you want to restore into a trailer.

SL 80-22 Quantum

You can drive this “SL 80-22 Quantum” too.

Please move “SL 80-22 Quantum” near “S 710”.

You can change the angle of “SL 80-22 Quantum”.

Please move your trailer near Conveyor belts.

You can restore crops.

TC 80-16

If you want to extend the length you can carry, you need to buy “TC 80-16”.

Please move “TC 80-16” near “S 710”.

So, Please move “SL 80-22 Quantum” near this machine.