About Fertilizer(How to buy automatically)


If you want to seed, you need to buy fertilizer.

After first you game start, you can get fertilizer near your farmland.

However, only a little.

You need to get seed into your sowing machine.

How to buy automatically

If it is tiresome to purchase by yourself, you can buy automatically.

From menu…

Your helper buy automatically.

You can change automatically or not.

Not automatically

It you buy automatically, you have to buy fertilizer yourself.

However it is hard to move shops and farms every time you purchase.

You should buy them all at once.

How to buy fertilizer all at once

You need to buy Low Loaders.

If you carry Low Loaders by tractors, you need to buy “Dolly-EA”.

Please put fertilizer box on Low Loader.

You need to ready front loaders.

(※What is front loader?

How to carry fertilizer without “Dolly-EA”

If you carry fertilizer without “Dolly-EA”, you need to buy Trucks.

If you are tiresome to buy fertilizer everytime, I highly recommended automatically buying.