How to make hay

How to make hay

This symbol is grass.

Hay is made by drying grass.

You need to plant grass on your farmland.

Next,you need to dry grass.

Make hay near cows

Since we want to give hay to cows later we would like to make hay near cows.

Let’s buy farm 28

What is necessary to make hay?

  • Cultivator
  • Mower
  • Tedder
  • Windrower
  • Baling machine

First,you need to make grass

You need to make grass by cultivators.

After a while grass grow.

Please cut after the grass sufficiently grows up.

Buy mower

If the tractor pulling the mower does not have sufficient power,it will not work.

Let’s use any favorite mower.

Dry grass

You need to buy tedder for drying grass.

What’s windrower

Windrower is a machine for collecting grass and straw.

Tedder makes it easier to collect hay.

Collect hay

You need to buy baling machine.

Round bale

This machine make round bales.

Collect round bale

This machine can collect round bales.

Square bale

This machine make square bales.

Collect square bales

This machine can collect square bales.

Let’s put hay down near cow shed.

How to completely eliminate farmland grass

Please cultivate with cultivators.