How to grow pigs

How to buy pigs

If you want to grow pigs, you need to buy pigs at “Mary’s farm”.

You need to carry up to this place.

What is food of pigs?

According to the instructions,food of pigs is corn, canola, wheat, barley, sunflowers, soybeans, potatoes and sugar beets.

You need to carry up them to pig’s cottage.

You need to ready front loaders.

(※What is front loader?

You have to use shovel.

Perfect balanced food to feed pigs

You can buy perfect balanced food to feed pigs.

You need to use front loaders.

(※What is front loader?

Pig’s poop

Pigs do poop.

Pig’s poop is accumulated in the silo as fertilizer.

Liquid fertilizer is slurry.

Solid fertilizer is manure.

If you want get manure from pigs, you have to put straw on floor of cow shed.

Additionally, you have to throw straw to mixed machine by using front loaders.

(※What is front loader?

This is same as studying tutorial.

How to get sully or manure

(※What if we sprinkle sully or manure getting from cows?