How to make wood chips

How to make wood chips

If you make wood chips, you need to buy a chainsaw.

First, you have to cut a wood.

Next, you need to buy machine of making wood chips.

This machine cannot break large wood.

Please select your favorite machine.

First, you have to carry a tipper of carrying wood chips under the conveyor.

If you want to move machine of making wood chips, you have to select that machine.

If you select the tractor or weight, you cannot work the machine well.

After you throw cutting wood on conveyor of the machine, you have to start engine the machine of making wood chips.

As soon as that machine start, that makes wood chips.

Tiresome of carrying wood by vehicle

If you are tiresome of carrying wood by vehicle.

You can carry small wood by your hands.

If you cannot carry wood which is too heavy, you should cut wood, even smaller.

If you cannot throw small wood on the machine well, you should climb a tractor.

Let’s carry a tractor close to the machine.